People are key assets to Aramis and particular emphasis is placed on attracting, developing and retaining critical competence within our organisation. Our personnel are selected on the basis of their technical expertise, adaptability, international exposure, understanding of local cultures and ability to transfer knowledge.

With a policy of investing in our people, we supports managers, engineers and workforce alike through constant training, coaching, appraisals and by encouraging personal initiative. We are focused to consistently improve the high quality and standards of our personnel. It is Aramis policy wherever possible to develop and train the local labour force and retain this staff within our various projects and operations internationally, providing transfer of know-how in the specialist areas of project management, engineering, operation and maintenance.

Partnerships are established with various universities such as University Technology Petronas in Malaysia, Institute of Technology of Bandung in Indonesia, ParisTech in France to propose international internships and attract young talents for the company. A dedicated tutoring and coaching programme is in place to ensure the training, development and retention of young graduate engineers employed by Aramis. As a result, a new generation of young managers is being groomed from within the company.

While about 70% of the Group workforce is employed on a permanent basis, Aramis also has an extensive database of over 10,000 well known, field proven personnel, who are regularly contracted on a project basis. We have proven our capability to deploy very rapidly sizeable teams of highly skilled tradesmen and engineers in various disciplines.