Systems & Methodologies

We have developed and deployed throughout Aramis Group a comprehensive and fully documented Management System covering Project Management and Control, Time Management, Cost Control, QA and HSE ensuring the integrity and consistency of the services provided to our clients, and enabling to control the inherent risks related to these activities.

This system is supported by a suite of proprietary project and engineering management web-based software applications enabling fast and effective multi-site collaborative work and significantly enhancing the productivity and the quality of our works for our clients, including Engineering, Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Inspection, Turnaround, and Training & Competences.

  • Project Management System (APMS)
  • Asset Management System (AMS)
  • Engineering Documentation Management System (ADMS)
  • Turnaround Management Systems (ATAMS)
  • Training & Competences Management System (ATMS)
  • Computer Based Training System (CBTS)
  • Operator Training Simulator (OTS)

We have put in place an effective Knowledge Management System (AKMS) in order to document, retain and organize the technical know-how acquired during the course of projects and to monitor new technological developments. Such technical information can later be easily located and retrieved in order to develop innovative and cost effective project execution plans. This technical knowledge base is maintained and regularly updated with the latest methodologies and best practices in Project Engineering, Operations Assurance and Asset Management.

Aramis in-house Project and Operations Assurance Methodology (P&OA) was developed from the experience accumulated throughout the years on our projects work and from the knowledge retained within the company Knowledge Management System.