Handling the sensitive interfaces between the Development Phase of an asset, usually under the management of an EPC Contract and the Operational Phase, under the management of the Owner.

A continuous, structured and proactive process from project inception to steady state operations, to maximise the operational efficiency of the asset and manage the inherent operational risks.

Operations Assurance


Ensuring safety, conformity to design, integrity, functionality and compliance with operational specifications of the assets prior to handover.

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Services include:

  • Engineering : Systems/Sub-systems definition, Design Review & Recommendations, Start-up Sequence, Initialisation of Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Database
  • Documentation: Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Dossiers ( Check Lists, Test Sheets, Test Procedures,…), Certificates (Mechanical Completion, Ready for Commissioning, Ready for Start-Up, Provisional Acceptance) and Handover Dossiers
  • Management: Planning, Mobilization, Vendors, Spares Parts, Tools, Temporary Means, Coordination, Progress follow-up, Cost control, Safety, Reporting, Database Management, Handover Management
  • Pre-commissioning Coordination and Witnessing: Conformity checks, Static tests, Hydrotests, Flushing and Cleaning, FAT’s*, SAT’s*, Punch List Management
  • Commissioning Supervision and Execution : Preliminary checks, Functional tests, Operational tests, Pre-Startup activities, Energization, Start-up of Utilities

[FAT: Factory Acceptance Test], [SAT: Site Acceptance Test]


Maintenance & Integrity Engineering

Supporting reliability and integrity of the asset throughout its lifecycle with Maintenance, Inspection and Spare Parts Engineering including technical studies, strategies, procedures, plans and computerized management systems implementation and users training.

Maintenance & Integrity Engineering Services include:

  • Asset Register (Equipment Class & Sub Class, Hierarchy, Technical Attributes)
  • Equipment Criticality Study
  • Maintenance Job Plans & Procedures (Activities, Frequencies, Resources)
  • Maintenance & Inspection Strategy Review (RCM / RBI)
  • Maintenance and Inspection Plan
  • Spare Parts (Nomenclature, Technical and Commercial Attributes)
  • Spare parts Optimization & Stock Management Min/Max
  • CMMS & AIMS Data Population and Upload
  • Business Processes, Workflow Procedures & Users Training

[RCM: Reliability Centered Maintenance, RBI: Risk Based Inspection, CMMS: Computerised Maintenance Management System, AIMS: Asset Integrity Management System]

Main Eng1

Training & Competences Development

Designing and implementing Competence based Training Programmes and Competence Assurance Programmes for Owner’s Management, Engineering and Operational staff.

Training and Competences Development Services include:

Design and implementation of Training Programs

Design and implementation of Competences Assurance Programs



Supporting Operations Management with design and implementation of Engineering Systems, hardware / software integration, customization & training)

Engineering Systems include :

  • CMMS ( Computerized Maintenance Management System )
  • AIMS ( Asset Integrity Management System )
  • SPMS ( Material / Spare Parts Management System )
  • EDMS ( Engineering Documentation Management System )
  • CBTS ( Computer Based Training System )
  • OTS ( Operator Training Simulator )
  • TCMS ( Training & Competences Management System )
  • PMS ( Production Management System )
  • EMS ( Energy Management System )
  • APC ( Advanced Process Control )